Monday, April 11, 2011

McIlroy's meltdown (and other Monday morning musings)

There may have been more dramatic fourth rounds at the Masters, but seldom - if ever - has there been a finish as unpredictable as yesterday's wild scramble at Augusta. No fewer than half a dozen golfers had a legitimate shot at the championship on the last few holes before South Africa's Charl Schwartzel put it away by closing with with four straight birdies...There's a couple of advantages to ill-fated third round leader Rory McIlroy being 21 years old. He's young enough that he can recover from yesterday's epic collapse, and old enough that he can drink himself into a blackout in the meantime...I've heard more than a sufficient number of Dick Enberg's corny Masters essays over the years that I get the history, majesty, glory, ethos, pathos, glucose and fructose or it all, but it's enough already with the chirping birds and piano mood music in and out of the commercial breaks. It's a golf tournament, not an episode of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood...I don't know what RDS or the CBC have in mind as theme music for the Canadiens and Bruins Thursday, but I think we can pretty much rule out Elton John's Can You Feel the Love Tonight...Whether or not you agree with his politics, you've got to admire Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe's political savvy in suggesting the French-language leaders' debate be rescheduled so it doesn't conflict with the Habs playoff opener. There's a guy who knows what really matters to the electorate.

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