Monday, May 9, 2011

Canucks lack killer instinct (and other Monday morning musings)

They're still well in the hunt for the hardware, but it's difficult to envision the top-seeded Vancouver Canucks fulfilling the prophecy that made them pre-playoff Stanley Cup favorites. Saturday's loss trimming their series lead over Nashville to 3-2 marked the fourth time in five opportunities that the Canucks have failed to win an elimination game in the 2011 post-season. Assuming they get past Nashville - and that's a giant assumption - the killer instinct element missing in Vancouver would not stand the Canucks in good stead heading into the final four. They just don't look like a team on a mission...Did I hear Boston general manager Peter Chiarelli correctly when he said the Bruins sent Patrice Bergeron to the "quiet room" after Bergeron suffered a concussion against Philadelphia? I thought the quiet room was a place of penance for unruly toddlers at daycare, which would represent a major step forward in child welfare from when I was in kindergarten and Mrs. Paige used to put us in the furnace room...Animal Kingdom's spectacular sprint down the stretch Saturday at Churchill Downs reinforced the Kentucky Derby's reputation as the most exciting two minutes in sports, which got me to wondering, which sporting event or segment of a sporting event represents the least exciting two minutes in sports? I've got it as a three way tie between Hal Gill on a breakaway, any curling highlight package, and the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association doing the national anthem in sign language.

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