Friday, May 6, 2011

Other letters to fans from NHL owners

Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis' open letter of apology to the team's fans following another disappointingly early playoff exit appears to be part of a trend. It's only been a few weeks since Canadiens owner Geoff Molson penned an open letter to Habs fans, promising to play a leadership role in cracking down on hockey violence in the immediate aftermath of the Zdeno Chara-Max Pacioretty incident. NHL owners are busy people, with business concerns other than hockey teams, but as long as they're committed to accountability, I'd like to volunteer to ghost-write letters to fans for them, starting with New York Islanders owner Charles Wang:

Dear Islander fans,
Long time, no see. I've guess you've both been pretty busy. Just wanted to remind you that plenty of good seats are still available for next season, and you might want to jump on them because I expect a real run on season tickets, now that we've got the nucleus of an up-and-coming team with Tavares, Moulson and some other guys whose names I don't remember. Our 30 year rebuilding plan is right on schedule.
Any travel plans this summer? I'm thinking about Quebec City, for no particular reason. I hear it's quite charming - sort of like France, but within driving distance.
Saw Milbury on Hockey Night in Canada the other night. Hard to believe he's an even worse commentator than he was a general manager.
Anyhoo, must run. The DiPietros are over for dinner and I think Rick just fell down the stairs and broke every bone in his body. Why am I not surprised?
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All the best,

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