Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver proves itself unworthy

The images out of downtown Vancouver last night tell you everything you need to know about why that city doesn't deserve a Stanley Cup champion. For the second time since 1994, when their team lost the seventh game of the Stanley Cup final in New York, Vancouver hockey fans went on a destructive rampage resulting in dozens of injuries and arrests and property damage that's expected to far exceed that of 17 years ago.
And spare me the claptrap about it being a handful of opportunistic hooligans and not real hockey fans who were responsible for the riot. It's no different than what routinely happens in Montreal when the Canadiens enjoy any kind of playoff success. The fans who gather by the tens of thousands create and feed the mob mentality, and among the ones who don't actually participate in the violence, thousands are willing and enthusiastic spectators. The pictures and video speak for themselves.
When media-designated pyschologists and sociologists weigh in in the coming days on the underlying reasons behind this appallingly uncivilized behavior, I hope at least one of them has the courage to question the cockamamie Canadian sense of Stanley Cup entitlement, and the role of the widespread clamoring to "bring the Cup home." The Cup is home. It's at the home of the Stanley Cup champions: the Boston Bruins.

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  1. Disappointment, anger, negative ads, hubris: best place on earth, big screens, winning is everything, losers are losers, booze: pubs were full at 11 am...toxic cocktail....whatever happened to respect for others, respect of self....? Losing is a more important and valuable lesson in life than winning. No different than the character assassination of Stephane Dion and Michael can he be Canadian etc...and Levant's attempt to to demean Jack Layton...we now have a culture of hubris, disrespect and put downs.