Thursday, June 23, 2011

What happened in Vegas shouldn't have happened in Vegas

I don't have a problem with an American team winning the Stanley Cup. The Boston Bruins have been in the National Hockey League since 1924, making the 41 year old Vancouver Canucks relative newcomers by comparison.
What is off-putting is the league's decision to hold its annual awards ceremony in a city that has absolutely nothing to do with hockey - Las Vegas. Vegas is to hockey what Regina is to surfing and Nairobi is to cross country skiing. It's great that the players and their wives or girlfriends - or in some cases, wives and girlfriends - get to sample Disneyland for grown-ups in the anonymity that comes with being a hockey player in the Nevada desert, but they've got an entire summer to be anonymous, and it would serve the fans and the sport better to hold a marquee event like the awards ceremony in a legitimate hockey town.
But what do you expect from an organization that recruits Donny Osmond as an award presenter? Yup, Donny "Puppy Love" Osmond. Where were David Cassidy and Lief Garrett? And nothing says hockey like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, whose onstage presence was as stiff and phoney as their botoxed foreheads and store-bought boobs. (Oh, by the way, ladies, it's pronounced Mar-tihn' Sahn lou-ee', not Martin Saint Lewis.)
For better worse, what happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas last night. It was broadcast back to the country it should have been held in in the first place; where it would have been the main event instead of just another Sin City sideshow.

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