Monday, July 25, 2011

Rommel's abbreviated Tour de France and other Monday morning musings

As ugly and distasteful as the demise of the Expos was, there are elements of the franchise's legacy that remain unstained by the carpetbagging and betrayal that characterized the team's last few seasons in Montreal. One of those elements is Dave van Horne's uninterrupted run as the voice of the Expos from their inception in 1969 until 2001, when he left an unsettled situation in Montreal for the relative security of the Florida Marlins broadcast booth. Van Horne was honored Saturday at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown with the Ford C. Frick Award, which doesn't include induction but is tantamount to Hall of Fame membership in light of the award's stature. When you're on a list with the likes of Red Barber, Vin Scully, Curt Gowdy, Jack Buck and Harry Caray - among others - you're a baseball legend...It's only fun until someone loses an eye, and while Alouettes quarterback Anthony Calvillo still has both peepers, there was something ominous-sounding about what appears to be the internal nature of the eye injury that knocked Calvillo out of last night's loss to Saskatchewan at Molson Stadium...Too bad the Canadiens couldn't sign Josh Gorges to a multi-year contract, but if they can't use the time the agreed-upon one year deal bought them to figure out something longer-term, then it wasn't meant to be...It's a bit misleading to say that 2011 Tour de France champion Cadel Evans is the event's oldest winner since World War Two, considering that Field Marshal Rommel, while 14 years Cadel's senior, won the 1940 Tour in a tank and only had to go from the German border to Paris.

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