Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tiger's gotta get a brand new bag carrier

After a 12 year ride on Tiger Woods' coattails, Steve Williams is officially off the gravy train. Williams has been fired as Woods' caddy, even though the two haven't worked together since Woods left the Tour this spring to rehab a knee injury.
I don't profess to know the exact nature of the golfer-caddy relationship at the PGA level, but it seems to me that Williams has accrued notoriety completely out of proportion to what might reasonably be expected for a glorified bellhop. He's got his own website, wrote a book and avails himself as a speaker at corporate functions and other public or private events, including a charity dinner in 2008 in New Zealand where Williams ran afoul of his boss and was forced by Woods to apologize for making disparaging remarks about Phil Mickelson. But let's be honest - the fact that his dismissal was headline news around the world has nothing to do with Williams being a good caddy and everything to do with Woods being the most famous athlete on the planet.
It's like if Batman fired Alfred the Butler. We all know Alfred's a loyal soldier who does a bang-up job keeping Wayne manor and the batcave in order, but it's still the caped crusader does the heaving lifting against the forces of evil, and it's still Tiger Woods who has to make the shot regardless of which club he's handed and who hands it to him.

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