Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alex Kovalev: a talented dink

If Alex Kovalev were to be memorialized with a brutally honest epitaph, it might go something like this: "Don't they know who I am, and it's all their fault." Kovalev, who never met a scapegoat or mitigating factor that he wouldn't blame for his own shortcomings, fired some characteristically petty parting shots after completing what was almost certainly his last NHL contract, and going home to Russia to play in the Kontinental Hockey League. Kovalev's targets in his latest tirade are former Ottawa coach Cory Clouston, whom Kovalev feels didn't coddle him enough during the better part of two seasons with the Senators, and the Ottawa media - a group Kovalev claims knows more about smuggling beer through airport security than they do about hockey.
Typically, he did his bellyaching to a Russian reporter, which is a time-honored Kovalev tactic so that when he gets called out in the North American media, he can claim he was misquoted or that something was lost in the translation.
A bigger and better person would man up and be a little more humble and grateful after getting paid 10 million dollars to average 17 goals and 49 points over two seasons, but like personal fortitude and competitive resolve, humility and gratitude were never part of Alex Kovalev's makeup, which is why - despite his enormous natural ability - he'll always be remembered more for what he didn't do than he will be for what he did.

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