Monday, August 1, 2011

Bubbles the ump and other Monday morning musings

Even if you didn't hear it here first, remember that you heard it here: the Philadephia Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl this season. In a sport where one big play can change everything, no other NFL team has a more impressive collection of difference-makers than the Eagles, who've added a pair of elite shutdown corners to a roster that already included two All Pro defensive backs, two d-linemen with double figures in sacks, a thousand yard rusher and a combination wide receiver/return specialist who's a consistent home run threat, all anchored by 2010 Comeback Player of the Year Michael Vick, who was just getting warmed up last year. If there's a scarier team out there than the Eagles, I haven't heard of them...Moving from the Giants to the crosstown Jets doesn't represent the change of scenery Plaxico Burress might have required after spending 20 months in a New York prison, but at least he won't have to go far to check in with his parole officer...It was apparently part of his routine and not out of self-mockery that baseball umpire Jerry Meals wore glasses on the field the night after badly blowing a decisive call at home plate to give Atlanta a 19 inning, walk-off win over Pittsburgh. If Meals was going for self-deprecation, he'd have been better off wearing a replica from the Bubbles Coke bottle collection or something with a nose and mustache attached...Everyone's entitled to dream, but speculation about the return of baseball to Montreal on the basis two sold out U2 shows at the Hippodrome will only have credibility when Bono adds 40 miles an hour to his fastball and The Edge learns to lay off the slider.

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