Monday, August 15, 2011

Remembering a legend (and other Monday morning musings)

You're gone.
I didn't listen to the guy because I didn't grow up here, but Ted Tevan's legacy is so strong that someone who only knew him by reputation instantly recognizes his catchphrases. The outpouring of affection online and in the mainstream media following his death Friday is powerful testimony to the impact of a broadcaster whose heyday was 30 years behind him when he passed away. Like the local sponsors he flogged on the air, Ted Tevan was truly a Montreal original...The greatest challenge facing Tiger Woods won't play itself out in the public eye. No matter how badly he falters professionally, Woods has nothing left to prove on the golf course. Where he needs to rehabilitate himself is as a person and especially as a father to his two small children. Of all the advantages his wealth and privilege give him, the most precious resource Tiger Woods has is the time to spend with his children. A better father than I am once told me your children won't remember what you bought them as much as they'll remember what you did with them...Even though most of them went by the wayside earlier than ticket holders for the Rogers Cup semifinals and finals had hoped, at least the world's best tennis players showed up in Montreal, which is a far cry from the days when, by the time the excuses were made and the withdrawals announced, the top seed was a homeless guy named Stinky...Blue Jays rookie and Langley, BC native Brett Lawrie looks like the real deal, not just because of he's hitting .370 with a ridiculous .741 slugging percentage after a week and a half in the major leagues, but because he's doing it at 21 - an age when most players are still honing their craft in the low minors...Awfully decent of New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora to end his holdout and honor the contract that'll pay him more than seven million dollars over the next two seasons. Where does he find the capacity for such self-sacrifice?

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