Monday, August 22, 2011

Surrendering to reality (and other Monday morning musings)

Nothing is going to be learned or gained from the untimely passing of Winnipeg Jets forward Rick Rypien until police and surviving friends and family members stop dancing around the details and openly acknowledge that Rypien committed suicide. Reporting his death as "non-suspicious" or lamenting that Rypien "lost his battle" fails to adequately confront the stark and brutal reality of the consequences of unchecked mental illness. We don't need all the morbid minutiae, but sanitized platitudes serve no useful purpose in fostering a broader understanding and acceptance of depression as a potentially deadly disease...The most bizarre moment of another eventful NAPA Auto Parts 200 at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve actually occured after the race, when Patrick Carptentier's crew chief, Jerry Baxter, reached inside the 66 number car and pulled driver Steve Wallace's hair, which was slightly more manly than hitting Wallace with his purse but still fell considerably short of the established norms of sportsmanship...I'm loathe to disagree with Gazette hockey writer Red Fisher, who's been covering the Canadiens since before I was born and has forgotten more about hockey than I'll ever know, but when Red refers to the shootout as a gimmick that's got to go, he forgets that we live in an instant gratification society fuelled by gimmicks - or apps, as they're otherwise known...If his performance at the world under-20 championships is anything to go by, Brazil's next one-name soccer superstar is Oscar - a 19 year old phenom who, according to legend, grew up in a garbage can on the mean streets of Rio and dislikes flowers, kittens, ice cream, romantic music and people being nice to one another.

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