Monday, October 3, 2011

Bad fashion choices and other Monday morning musings

Only in Montreal does public and media sentiment about the local hockey team fluctuate from confidence to near-panic back to unbridled optimism, all during two weeks of training camp. The bandwagon is overflowing once again after the Canadiens wrapped up the pre-season by steamrolling Tampa Bay 5-1 in Quebec City. A near-flawless dress rehearsal with what was essentially the opening night lineup against a quality opponent puts the insignificance of a 2-6 exhibition record in its proper perspective...If the Alouettes defence is looking for something to build on in what's been a factious season, they need look no further than the goal line stand that preserved Friday's victory in Winnipeg. On and off the field, they'll get more and better results from a united front than they will from backbiting and second guessing each other...It doesn't get much more inappropriate than the last place Baltimore Orioles pouring out of the dugout like they'd just won the World Series after eliminating the Red Sox from playoff contention on the last night of baseball's regular season. Losing 93 games and being out of the pennant race since July calls for something a little more dignified and humble than a season-ending dogpile...Someone needs to tell St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Octavio Dotel that the high socks are not flattering on a man of his age and body type. He's a fanny pack and a pair of sandals away from being a German tourist...Even the best in the sports broadcasting business have off-days. Iconic ESPN host Chris Berman reported yesterday that when NFL teams start the season 3-0, they make the playoffs "seventy cent per six of the time." I'm Bed Tird, K103 Sports.

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