Monday, October 31, 2011

Christian athletes fair game for mockery (and other Monday morning musings)

Detroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch says he was only having fun and meant no disrespect when he mocked Denver quarterback Tim Tebow's one-knee prayer after sacking Tebow yesterday, but mockery - by definition - is an act of disrespect. That Tebow is a devout Christian is the only reason Tulloch's gesture wasn't greeted with widespread outrage. Imagine if the Lions had danced the Hora or faced east and prostrated themselves to Allah after sacking a Jewish or Muslim quarterback. They would have been universally condemned for cultural insensitivity and forced to apologize, but mocking Tebow's religion is apparently okay because it's just having a little fun at the expense of a Bible thumper. I'm not offended as a Christian, but I am offended by the double standard...Finishing first in the CFL East is about more than just home field advantage for the Alouettes, who no longer control their own playoff destiny after yesterday's loss to Calgary. In a league whose revenues are a fraction of other major pro sports leagues, a home playoff game at Olympic Stadium can have a substantial impact on the team's bottom line...Along with most of the rest of the Canadiens, goaltender Carey Price lifted his game to another level last week, but two of the biggest saves of the week were made by defencemen. With their goaltender out of position on separate occasions, desperation goalmouth dives by Raphael Diaz and Josh Gorges were turning points in back-to-back wins over the Bruins...Besides demonstrating a quick wit, Price proved himself as a student history Thursday when he said of the soft goal he gave up in Boston, "I Bill Buckner-ed it." Buckner's infamous fielding gaffe in the 1986 World Series is not a personal memory for Price, who was born in 1987...While Lars Eller is getting better all the time, it might be a little early to saddle him with a nickname as bold as "The Great Dane," although it does have a better ring to it than "The Much-Improved Dane"...Mike Milbury said one of the dumbest things in recent memory Saturday when he criticized PK Subban's wardrobe on Hockey Night in Canada, saying that Subban's stylish sartorial choices are part of the reason other players don't like him. This from a guy who was wearing a tie that looked like it was knit for him by his Nana.

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