Monday, October 24, 2011

Staying up late to pitch in the World Series and other Monday morning musings

Well, no one can accuse the Canadiens of panicking. Petteri Nokelainen and Garrett Stafford for Brock Trotter and a seventh round draft choice is the managerial equivalent of taking a valium when the prescription calls for a liberal dose of stimulants. With fans and media alike calling for drastic measures up to and including the exhumation of the mortal remains of Toe Blake, acquiring a has-been and a never-was for a minor leaguer and a late round pick only invites open disdain and mockery...It's a bit like saying that other than hitting the iceberg, the Titanic had a terrific maiden voyage, but that really was an entertaining hockey game at the Bell Center Saturday, right up until much-reviled former Canadien Mikhail Grabovski came back to haunt the Habs with as nifty an overtime goal as you'll ever see...San Jose's Joe Thornton played his 1000th NHL game in Boston Saturday and was well-received by the same fans who pretty much ran him out of Boston six years ago. It was the kind of reception Mikhail Grabovski should not count on if he happens to play his 1000th NHL game in Montreal. His millionth, maybe, but not his thousandth...So, Texas pitcher Derek Holland can throw a baseball 98 miles an hour but he can't grow a mustache. Rangers manager Ron Washington didn't take Holland out of the game in the 9th inning last night because Holland was tired. He gave him the hook because it was past Holland's bedtime...If the CIA is serious about making the western world a safer place, it should send a copy of yesterday's 6-3 Cleveland-Seattle NFL game to Guantanamo Bay and make the detainees watch it until they spill everything they know about Al-Qaeda. The war on terror would be won by noon tomorrow.

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