Monday, December 12, 2011

Habs fans root for failure with told-you-so mentality

Even by the cynical standards of hard-done-by 21st century Montreal Canadiens fans, the reaction to Friday's acquisition of Tomas Kaberle was extraordinarily contemptuous. They complain about the team not shaking things up, and then when the general manager makes a significant trade, they immediately trash it without waiting for events to unfold. Kaberle was a difference-maker in his Canadiens' debut Saturday in New Jersey and still couldn't get his due from a fan base whose bitterness is exceeded only by their sense of entitlement. News flash: the 1970's are over. Stanley Cup parades are no longer a rite of spring - in ANY city. Twenty-nine teams DON'T win the Cup every year. Kaberle's salary cap hit isn't the issue right now. The immediate priority is getting into the playoffs, and the Canadiens have a better shot of making it with Kaberle than they did without him...World figure skating champion Patrick Chan's lament about not being appreciated at home in Canada has some merit, but musing about returning to his ethic roots and representing China is not the way to endear himself to his fellow Canadians...If Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun already knew he had tested positive for steroids when he won the National League MVP Award last month, he did a good job of hiding it. Braun's poise, humility and gratitude betrayed no sign of knowledge that his reputation would shortly be tainted by allegations that are now under appeal, and that his spokesmen insist will be proven false because of extenuating circumstances...Due process will dispense this week with Barry Bonds, who faces sentencing on a conviction of obstruction of justice for refusing to answer questions in front of a grand jury investigating steroid use by professional athletes. Whether or not he goes to prison, one place Bonds won't be going to is the Baseball Hall of Fame - at least not without a ticket.

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  1. Well said! I was one of those up against the tide on Friday; in fact, almost your words verbatim, urging my fellow fans on Twitter to wait until Kaberle hit the ice before they dissed him. Not only did I get met with the ever-lovin' "I'm entitled to my opinion" stubbornness, I was overrun by those INSISTING this was the worst thing a "desperate team" could have done and, of course, the inevitable dismay that the Big Move wasn't to fire the coach and GM.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't be on Twitter when Kaberle helped us to our win on Saturday, but I'm betting those who dissed didn't backtrack either. What a fickle city of fans we live in - I like your analysis and am liking the trade!