Monday, December 19, 2011

Juste gagne, bebe

Saturday's coaching change didn't have an immediate impact for the Canadiens, nor will it matter much in the long-term without an accompanying change in philosophy. Whether it's Randy Cunneyworth or someone of more politically correct linguistic lineage, the Canadiens need someone who can find a way to make the most of each player's skill set within a team context - an approach that'll require the kind of imagination and risk-taking that were completely foreign to Jacques Martin's way of thinking...Francophone media members who actually believe that speaking French should be a prerequisite for coaching the Canadiens should be covering politics, not hockey. It must be tiring to still be fighting the Battle of the Plains of Abraham 252 years after the last shot was fired...Now that they've lost a football game, the Green Bay Packers can focus on defending their Super Bowl championship without the added distraction of pursuing perfection. The real downside is that they've lost their aura of invincibility...Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow wasn't terrible in Denver's first loss in the last seven games, but he got a lesson in poise and maturity from New England's Tom Brady, whose championship pedigree still makes him the standard by which all other NFL quarterbacks are measured, Aaron Rodgers included...House arrest for a month isn't much of a punishment for disgraced baseball home run king Barry Bonds, especially considering he'll do the time at his palatial estate in Beverly Hills. If the judge in his obstruction of justice case really wanted to punish Bonds, she should have sentenced him to 30 days at a crazy cat lady's house.

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