Monday, December 5, 2011

The perfect Pack (and other Monday morning musings)

Yesterday's Green Bay-New York NFL game would have made a great Super Bowl, and it might have been the Giants' Super Bowl, because at 6-6 and mired in a four game losing streak, they're becoming increasingly marginal as playoff contenders. The Packers, meanwhile, are still on track for a perfect season, and with Oakland, Kansas City, Chicago and Detroit remaining on Green Bay's schedule, 16-0 isn't just possible - it's probable. There are some other great teams out there - San Francisco, New Orleans and New England among them - but the Packers are a cut above, thanks mainly to Aaron Rodgers, who's on the verge of carving as rich a legacy in four seasons as Brett Favre forged in 16 years in Green Bay. When character and leadership are taken into account, history might judge Favre as the Packers' third greatest QB, behind Rodgers and Bart Starr...Andrei Markov's surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, has long been considered the go-to guy for athletes with major knee injuries, but in light of Markov's repeated setbacks in his recovery, I'm starting to wondering if Andrews farmed out the Markov surgery to Dr. Doolittle, Dr. John or Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show...It didn't transpire, but had the Canadiens and Kings gone to a shootout Saturday in Los Angeles, my prediction for Jacques Martin's picks were Gill, Budaj and Cole - Bob, not Erik...Jeffrey Loria and David Samson have no shame. A decade after helping to orchestrate the demise of major league baseball in Montreal, the Miami Marlins owners are using revenue-sharing money from other teams to spend like drunken sailors on the free agent market. One can only trust that karma will eventually catch up with reprobates of their ilk, whether in this life or the next...I don't know enough about soccer to say with authority which four countries represent the Group of Death in the draw for Euro 2012, but Italy and Greece in the same foursome would have been a no-brainer for the Group of Debt.

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  1. Lets just hope that the Packers don't pull a Patriots and start flaunting that perfect record too soon.