Monday, January 23, 2012

For Evans' sake (and other Monday morning musings)

Baltimore kicker Billy Cundiff joined the unfortunate Scott Norwood in the annals of catastrophic football lore yesterday, but the AFC championship game should never have come down to Cundiff's missed 32 yard field goal attempt. Ravens receiver Lee Evans couldn't hold on to what should have been the game-winning touchdown pass from Joe Flacco two plays earlier. New England defensive back Sterling Moore deserves some credit for stripping the ball but it was a perfect throw from the much-maligned Flacco, who was better than Tom Brady but came out on the short end through no fault of his own...Like Flacco in New England, San Francisco's defence deserved better than the outcome of the NFC championship game. The 49ers shut down the Giants running game and sacked Eli Manning six times, but the San Francisco offence was an atrocious 1 for 13 on third down conversions and the game turned on two turnovers by the Niners special teams...Patriots fans are touting Super Bowl 46 February 5th in Indianapolis as a revenge match, but take it from a Giants fan: nothing can erase the joy and satisfaction of ruining New England's bid for a perfect season in Super Bowl 42. The inescapable reality for the Patriots and their supporters is that that Super Bowl meant more to them than this one, and they lost it...Disgraced former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, who passed away over the weekend, is being remembered as a great but flawed man. If Paterno's worst flaw was that he proceeded by the book in reporting allegations of sexual misconduct to his superiors and they didn't do anything about it, that's not a bad legacy. Paterno is a textbook example of how the only thing our celebrity-obsessed culture relishes more than building someone up is tearing them down...Anyone who mocks Mike Komisarek for turning down Travis Moen's invitation to dance during Saturday's Canadiens-Leafs game in Toronto is missing the point. If Moen can't take a clean hit and continue to play the game without assuaging his wounded pride by picking a fight, that's his problem, not Komisarek's...And why not Scott Gomez in a shootout? It's not like anything else is working.

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