Monday, January 30, 2012

Half-naked Novak (and other Monday morning musings)

In the debate over who's better - Federer or Nadal - the answer is Djokovic. Novak Djokovic had already cemented his place as the world's number one tennis player with a dominant season in 2011, and picked up where he left off with his epic victory over Rafael Nadal in yesterday's Australian Open final. Meanwhile, Djokovic ripping his shirt off to celebrate his fifth Grand Slam title was a nice eye candy treat for the ladies, but where was that at the end of the women's final?...There's an almost schizophrenic element to professional hockey psychology that gets exposed every year at the NHL All Star game. The hail-good-fellow-well-met bonhommie between players from rival teams is a strikingly radical departure from the take-no-prisoners mentality that pervades regular season and playoff games. There's a disturbing moral disconnect in rationalizing the fundamental contradiction between sharing laughs over a beer with a guy Saturday and trying to run him through the boards the following Tuesday. I get that it's just business, but more mutual respect among competitors would go a long way towards making the game itself more respectable...How do you suppose Art and Mabel on the farm in Saskatchewan enjoyed the hip hop stylings of Drake during yesterday's second intermission? Someone suggested on Twitter that the Sheepdogs should have gotten the gig. I don't know if they meant the band or actual sheepdogs, but either one would have been an improvement...As much as it must have pained competitors like Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees to be suiting up for the Pro Bowl yesterday instead of going over game film for the Super Bowl, a free trip to Hawaii for a game of de facto touch football isn't a bad consolation prize.

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  1. Ted- you are confusing schizophrenia with multiple-personality/dissociative identity disorder, unless you think the overall atmosphere of the ASG includes hallucinations, paranoia, and disembodied voices. But hey- maybe it does!