Monday, January 9, 2012

Protest fizzles as Habs win

As much racket as the relative handful of anti-English demonstrators made before Saturday's Canadiens game (and let's not kid ourselves - they're as anti-English as they are pro-French), no one was complaining after the Canadiens beat Tampa Bay 3-1 with an English coach, an English goaltender and three English goal scorers. The sentiments of the vast majority of Bell Center fans were reflected in the garbage cans full of Quebec flags that were ditched almost as soon as they were handed out by protest organizers...It was nice testament to modern hockey's cultural diversity when 1972 Canada-Russia Summit Series heroes Vladislav Tretiak, Yvan Cournoyer and Paul Henderson were honored before the opening faceoff. Three hockey legends, all from different ethnic and even political backgrounds, united by history and forever friends. Stick that dans ta pipe et fume ca...Stand by for the most over-hyped game of the season tomorrow night when Jaroslav Halak and the Blues visit the Bell Center. The jury on the Halak trade came in over a year ago, but the St. Louis game is still being built up as if Halak and Carey Price both have something to proof. If anything, the Canadiens should start Peter Budaj tomorrow and give Price another two day's rest before Thursday's game in Boston...What if God really is a sports fan and takes weekends off from war, famine and pestilence to watch football with His son and cheer for Tim Tebow and the Broncos? The Tebow haters really need to live and let live, get over their own fear of faith and just enjoy the show.


  1. Hi Ted, you are so right for what you wrote, me being an Francophone this makes me sick, it does not matter who is behind the bench. also for Raymond what's his last name for the journal Montreal, saying his Father does not understand English and that he is 80, so is My Father and he speaks both, what's wrong with this picture. if his Father does not understand that;s his problem. how come my Father does and probably born the same year as his. like I said I am French. it's a shame we live in a world who hates, one more thing if we win the cup what would they say then. Than you

  2. Peter WestenhangarJanuary 9, 2012 at 1:56 PM

    I love your radio station, if it is the one I pick up in Lachine as I motor up the 13 to the Laurentians - ace rocknroll!