Monday, February 13, 2012

Sundin worthy of Beliveau comparison (and other Monday morning musings)

So, I'm watching the Leafs' tribute to Mats Sundin Saturday, and I mention on Twitter than I consider the longtime Toronto captain to be the Swedish Jean Beliveau - a reasonable comparison, I thought, given that both players were big body centermen who epitomized elegance, grace, humility, ability and leadership on and off the ice. The backlash to the comparison was swift and damning. How dare I mention Sundin in the same breath as Beliveau and Beliveau's multiple Stanley Cup championships? Well, it's like this: give Sundin Beliveau's supporting cast and Sundin would have enough rings that he'd had to wear one on each thumb. There's nothing wrong with setting team loyalties aside and giving credit where credit is due. It's what grownups do. I have no doubt that Beliveau would be flattered by the comparison, and that's good enough for me...I didn't hear it, but apparently, eyewitness to the Old Testament Bob Cole mistook PK Subban for Josh Gorges during Saturday's broadcast, providing further proof that Cole should be put out to pasture as a play by play announcer. I'm not saying Cole has completely outlived his usefulness. He'd make an excellent air raid siren, right up until the first time he mixed up the attack warning with the all clear...Tonight's game against last place Carolina at the Bell Center represents an important test for the Canadiens, who have a bad habit of coming home from a big road win and messing the bed against an opponent they should beat. With 26 games to play and a seven point playoff deficit, it's a habit they can no longer afford to support...I hear the Canadiens have called up Schultz for tonight's game. In keeping with the theme, I think they swing a deal with Columbus for Carter and try to lure Lebeau out of retirement.

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