Wednesday, February 8, 2012

There's no "Gronk" in "team"

Longstanding American tradition holds that there is no greater honor than a parade down Manhattan's Canyon of Heroes, whether the celebration is for history-making space explorers, warriors returning victorious from overseas or champions of sport, but yesterday's blowout for the NFL champion New York Giants might have been the second-most talked about post-Super Bowl party.
Within hours of Mrs. Tom Brady's widely-reported public trashing of her husband's New England teammates, video turned up on the Internet showing some of the Patriots partying up a storm in the hours after losing the biggest game many of them will play in their football careers. It was a pre-planned party and the Pats are entitled to it, but what their fans might find distasteful is that the featured dance number was performed by none other than Rob Gronkowski. He's no Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire, but the record-setting New England tight end whose high ankle sprain minimized his impact on the Super Bowl looked none-the-worse-for-wear on stage, and Patriots supporters can be excused for wondering where those moves were on the playing field.
Gronkowski is no stranger to controversy. He turned up on Twitter earlier this season, posing for pictures with a porn star whose company he was keeping during the Pats' bye week. I suppose he's entitled to keep the company he chooses and party when and where he wants to as long as his off-field endeavors are within the personal conduct guidelines spelled out in the collective bargaining agreement, but the nature of Gronkowski's personal choices in the public eye speak poorly of him as a teammate and a professional.


  1. He's a jerk and he can't catch anyway.

  2. atta boy. May as well doing something off the field as he sure did not on the field.