Monday, February 6, 2012

You can't spell "Elite" without Eli

If you look directly at the sun in Eli Manning's world today, your retinas could burn out. For once in his life, Manning totally eclipsed his brother Peyton by winning the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl MVP Award for the second time in four years, giving Eli one more NFL championship than Peyton has won in 14 seasons. The conversation is no longer about Eli versus Peyton as much as it's about Eli and his place among the elite, multiple Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks like Joe Montana, John Elway, and yes - Tom Brady...It's always gratifying when a proven cheater like Patriots coach Bill "Fashions by Shrek" Belichick loses, but even a Giants fan can muster some compassion for Patriots owner Robert Kraft, whose wife of 48 years passed away last summer. New England players wore a patch with Myra Kraft's initials on their uniforms all season, and more than one Patriot said after last night's game that their greatest regret was not being able to honor her memory with a championship...Based on the Viking-esque get-up Madonna was wearing at the start of the haltime show, I was half-expecting her to segue from "Vogue" into "Kill da Wabbit"...Anybody who wondered whether the cheering every time Scott Gomez touched the puck at the Bell Center this weekend was mockery or genuine support hasn't been paying attention. It was nothing less than a derisive demonstration of open contempt for a player who's drawing a 7.5 million dollar salary and hasn't scored a goal in more than a calendar year...One small measure of consolation for the 26th place Canadiens is that not all Leafs jokes are transferrable. There are still enough Cups in Montreal for the Canadiens to have a tea party, and there's no gardening tool called a Hab blower.

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