Monday, March 5, 2012

Scandal schmandal

For better or worse, it was always clear that Tiger Woods would ultimately be judged first and foremost by what he did on the golf course and not how he conducted himself as a husband and father. He's an even better golfer than he is an adulturer, and the womanizing - already a footnote to his athletic legacy - becomes ever more immaterial as Woods continues to rehabilitate his golf game, if not his public image. Yesterday's career-best, final round 9 under par 62 at the Honda Classic was vintage Tiger, and has fans, media and PGA officials drooling at the prospect of what Woods could bring to the Masters next month. Rory McIlroy is the new world number one, but Woods is still golf's number one attraction...There's no shame in hoping the Canadiens tank during the last month of the season to enhance their chances of landing a number one or two overall pick in the draft lottery. If the players can't summon the professional pride to bring their best effort on anything remotely resembling a consistent basis, why should the fans be obliged to care?...What a treat Saturday for members of the Montreal hockey media, who got to witness and enjoy Toronto general manager Brian Burke's open book persona at a Bell Center news conference to introduce new Leafs head coach Randy Carlyle. Burke's honesty, candor and intermittent bursts of Irish blarney are a welcome change from the robotic platitudes of Canadiens general manager Pierre Gauthier, on those rare occasions when Gauthier deigns to hold court for the ink-stained wretches of the fourth estate...If you didn't see Don Cherry owning both Burke and Ron MacLean on Coach's Corner Saturday, look it up on You Tube for an understanding why Cherry is still on TV. He was entertaining, he was relevant, and he was right...Being relieved of his duties didn't exempt outgoing Leafs coach Ron Wilson from having to make difficult choices Saturday, except that instead of having to choose between starting James Reimer or Jonas Gustavsson in goal, he had to decide whether to drown his sorrows at Bar Diana or the Cock and Bull. Either way, it's the worst of both worlds.

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