Monday, April 2, 2012

PM-in-waiting?! (and other Monday morning musings)

There's a fine line between glass half full and hopelessly naive, and it's a line Canadiens coach Randy Cunneyworth crossed some time ago. More often than not, Cunneyworth's post-game comments accentuate the positive, which might carry some currency if the Habs had more than 16 wins in 47 games on Cunneyworth's watch. That he's a lame duck saddled with the "interim" tag doesn't make it any less delusional when Cunneyworth routinely says things like "our heart was in the game" or "the guys deserved better" while his team is leaving points on the ice two-thirds of the time...Despairing Canadiens fans searching for a thread of hope need only look a couple of hundred kilometers down the road to Ottawa, where the Senators clinched a playoff spot yesterday, just a year after finishing 13th in the conference and missing the post-season by 19 points. Like this year's Habs, last year's Sens were hard hit by long-term injuries to key players, and didn't get the most out of the guys who were healthy. This season, they were virtually injury-free and everyone played to their potential...While it raised a lot of money for a good cause, Saturday's three round charity boxing match between Liberal MP Justin Trudeau and Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau probably didn't do anything for Trudeau's credibility as a would-be statesman. I'm no political spin doctor, but it seems to me that following in the footsteps of celebrity washouts like Danny Bonaduce, Jose Canseco and Donny Osmond represents a sharp detour off the road to the Prime Minister's office...Never let it be said that baseball is a young man's game. No fewer than ten players over 40 will be on Opening Day rosters this week, including Toronto shortstop Omar Vizquel, who turns 45 this month, and 49 year old Colorado pitcher Jamie Moyer, who's earned a spot in the Rockies starting rotation after leading the Florida Grapefruit League in gout, erectile dysfunction and early bird specials.

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