Monday, May 28, 2012

Lose-win for Roddick (and other Monday morning musings)

A week and a half ago, after they stormed to a 3-0 lead in the Western Conference final, the Los Angeles Kings were all but awarded the Stanley Cup on the basis of their size, depth, goaltending and a smattering of the team of destiny aura that comes with being an 8th seed that dispatches higher-ranked teams with authority. Fast forward 11 days and the Kings are probably still the favorites in the Stanley Cup final, but only marginally so against a New Jersey team that has size, depth, goaltending and no shortage of its own team-of-destiny identity. It's difficult to imagine either team requiring fewer six games to seal the deal, and for reasons including momentum, experience and home ice - which admittedly hasn't been an advantage against the Kings - I like the Devils...Canadian cyclist Ryder Hesjdal's dramatic win in the prestigious Giro d'Italia is a crowning personal achievement for Hesjdal and a feather in Canada's cap abroad, but it's probably the worst thing that could happen for Montreal motorists and recreational cyclists who have to share streets and bike paths with Tour de France wanna-bes who fancy themselves the next Hesjdal. And while we're on the subject, the same rule applies to bicycle pants that applies to capri pants: unless you look like Hesjdal or Rafael Nadal, don't wear them...There's nothing in history or geography that marks Boston and Tampa as natural rivals, but the Red Sox and Rays might have more mutual ill will between them than exists among the other 28 major league baseball teams combined. The printable terms Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon used to describe the Bosox after only the latest bench-clearing incident between the two teams included cowardly, incompetent and idiotic, while Boston manager Bobby Valentine countered that the Rays were immature, out of control and unprofessional. That feud is not over...It would be politically incorrect of me to make a kamikaze reference after Japanese driver Takuma Sato's self-destructive passing attempt on the last lap of yesterday's Indianapolis 500. Watch the replay and draw your own conclusions. Just remember - ix-nay on the anzai-bay...Too bad for former world number one Andy Roddick that he flamed out in the first round at the French Open, but I can think of bleaker scenarios than being stuck in Paris with Brooklyn Decker and nothing to do.

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  1. Ive been a Kings fan since the day Gretzky got traded from the Oilers. I live in Southern Ontario and it is my dream to go see game 4. Tickets seems either very difficult or really pricey thru ticket sites. Was was excited when i scoored tickets but the Rangers just tied it up So if i do end up going to L.A. I want to party with some die hard Kings fans .