Monday, July 9, 2012

Habs drop the ball on Big Bird (and other Monday morning musings)

They are life's most compelling and enduring mysteries: how was the universe created, are there intelligent beings on other planets, and why don't the Canadiens hire Larry Robinson? More to the point, why do they go out of their way to not hire a nine-time Stanley Cup champion with proven credentials and a stated desire to coach in the city where he's celebrated as a hockey icon? It's the kind of no-brainer that makes you wonder sometimes whether there's intelligent life on this planet...If John McEnroe says Roger Federer is the greatest player who ever stepped on a tennis court, that's good enough for me, but beyond the incredible record of athletic achievement, the dignity and humility with which Federer unfailingly comports himself might make him the greatest champion of all-time, in any sport...Congratulations are in order for Eugenie Bouchard of Westmount for winning the junior girls' championship at Wimbledon, but lest anyone burden her with unfair expectations, it's worth noting that the 18 year old Bouchard is ranked 309th on the women's pro tour, and that among the elite players, Serena Williams won the US Open at 18 and Maria Sharapova won a Wimbledon women's championship at 17. That's not a devaluation of what Bouchard accomplished as much as it's a testament to the enormous competitive challenges at the professional level...Even Jack Todd admits there's no longer any credibility in dismissing Formula One as boring and predictable. Between the consistent race-to-race drama and the see-saw battle atop the standings, 2012 has been the most entertaining season since before Michael Schumacher's heyday. I understand F1 is not everyone's cup of tea, and if you don't like fast cars and beautiful women, that's your business...If disappointing attendance figures at Impact games are a commentary on Saputo Stadium's east end location, how do you explain the Alouettes coming up four thousand short of a sellout for their home opener on a beautiful Friday night downtown? The empty seats at sporting events might have more to do with the economy than anything else. These aren't exactly boom times for the middle class, but the good news is when you use the money you would have spent on tickets to pay the hydro and cable bills, you can still watch the game on TV.


  1. Nothing seems to ever change with the Canadians

  2. Money is very tight theses days but they will get their sellout crowds again.Meanwhile I have been checking out the CIS,good value and great entertainment.

  3. So, if Gazette is right, Therrien chose JJ over Robinson, BEFORE even speaking to Robinson! And all of this afer his boss, Bergevin, invites Robinson for a chat. I didn't think Therrien was the right guy for the job, now I know I was right.