Monday, July 2, 2012

Habs, Hot Wheels and other Monday morning musings

Slim pickings in unrestricted free agency was probably a best case scenario for Marc Bergevin in his first UFA shopping spree as Canadiens general manager. In the almost complete absence of marquee names, there was minimal fan and media clamoring for Bergevin to target a so-called impact player, and he was able to focus on adding depth and character without breaking the bank. On their own, Brandon Prust, Colby Armstrong and Francis Bouillon won't win you the Stanley Cup, but you can't win it without them or players like them...If I were a Torontonian and/or a Leafs fan, I'd be less put out by general manager Brian Burke spending free agent frenzy day at the city's Gay Pride parade than I would with the timing of the parade. It seems more than little presumptuous to upstage Canada Day when you've got an entire summer season to break out the Birkenstock sandals and assless chaps...Watching Spain dismantle Italy in the Euro 2012 final reminded me of the old Soviet Red Army hockey team, in the way they took precision execution to a level that not only defeated but demoralized their opponents. It didn't hurt that Italy had nothing left in the tank after hard-fought wins over England and Germany, while Spain was able to save its best for last...It's early and things can change, but the CFL West served emphatic notice this weekend that it still owns Canadian pro football bragging rights. Not only did all four Eastern Division teams lose their season openers, three of the four - including the Alouettes - were laid out by western opponents who might have resented the pre-season hype about how much better the East was going to be in 2012...The 10 year old boy in me loved the spectacle of two stunt drivers successfully navigating life-sized Hot Wheels cars through a giant orange replica of the Double Loop Dare at the X Games in Los Angeles, but I'd have been even more impressed if they'd done it in a Big Jim Sports Camper.

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  1. As usual your right on. Assless chaps & Big Jim's sports camper. Good times !