Tuesday, July 3, 2012

UFA in the Twitter age

Ryan Suter & Zach Parise are in Day 3 of NHL free agency with some wondering why they haven't made a decision on where to play - KILLING US
Zach Parise,Ryan Suter make a decision already!! It's ONLY a game that you will get 80-100 mil to play , been there
Congrats to Zach Parise for giving everyone in the hockey world a serious case of blue-balls.

As so-called "frenzies" go, this year's NHL free agent hullabaloo has been about as compelling and provocative as a Pauline Marois pole dance.
When undrafted journeyman defenceman Jason Garrison signs the most lucrative contract in the first 36 hours of UFA activity, you know we're not dealing with a bumper crop of elite talent, but the internet-driven 24/7 news cycle has blown the process entirely out of proportion.
There was actually a Twitter backlash against Zach Parise when he announced he hasn't made up his mind where he'll sign, as if he somehow owes us a hasty decision just because we've spent the last two days refreshing our browsers every 30 seconds. Any other businessman concluding a deal worth tens of millions of dollars would never be expected to proceed without due diligence, but fans and media alike take Parise to task for not catering to our short attention span and insatiable appetite for instant gratification.
At the risk of turning this into a "back in my day" rant, there was a time not so long ago when we got the news from the morning papers or evening newscasts, and that was good enough. In between, we lived our own lives and didn't obsess over the latest status updates from total strangers. Social media can be a wonderful distraction, but like any other recreational amusement aid, it's best used in moderation.

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