Monday, August 13, 2012

Cheerio, London(and other Monday morning musingss)

In the debate over who should have carried the Canadian flag in the closing ceremony at the Olympics, one person's opinion mattered more than the rest, and she was good with the final choice. Trampolinist Rosie MacLennan - Canada's only gold medal winner in London - went on Twitter yesterday to congratulate soccer bronze medallist Christine Sinclair as a worthy bearer of the Canadian colors. MacLennan gets it. Sinclair is the face of a national women's soccer team that provided the defining moments of a bittersweet Olympics for Canada. Having her hoist the Maple Leaf sent the signal that shabby officiating can sully a championship, but it can't destroy a champion's spirit...Canada's men's track sprint team did an honorable job of manning up after being stripped of the bronze in the 4 by 100 meters. Jared Connaughton didn't hesitate to take the hit for running outside of his lane, and while the infraction was minimal and inconsequential to the outcome, Canadian coach Glenroy Gilbert said the rules are the rules, and it was the right call. Their dignity in defeat was at least as uplifting as their performance...Nice jean jackets on our athletes at the closing ceremony. Don't we get stereotyped enough by the rest of the world without playing into the cliche by wearing the time-honored Canadian tuxedo to a global party? The only things missing were tuques, stubby beer bottles and a pack of Export A sticking out of the jean jacket pocket...So, let's see, there's Anorexic Spice, Botox Spice, Boob Job Spice, Tummy Tuck Spice and Somewhat the Worse for Wear Spice...I haven't fleshed it out, but somewhere in that Wozniak vs. Wozniacki Rogers Cup tennis match there's an Abbott and Costello skit.


  1. After seeing the Canadian Olympic team wearing jean jackets at the closing ceremonies, it occurs to me that I have an old Olympic uniform in the back of my bedroom closet. The contents of the pockets may not make it past the doping committee though.

  2. I don't know Ted.Red and white track suits are starting to look old too.A fun two weeks.