Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mea culpa

I've offended a lot of people over the course of my radio career.  It comes with the territory of being paid to give an opinion, and I've long believed that trying to be all things to all people makes you nothing to anyone.  Yesterday, though, I managed to offend even myself by committing the cardinal broadcasting sin of cracking wise about something on which I was uninformed. 
That I'm aware of, no one complained about the short guy jokes about Brian Price, the diminutive coxswain of Canada's silver medal-winning men's eight rowing team, but I'm compelled to call myself out after learning that the 5 foot, 4 inch, 120 pound Price is a cancer survivor whose childhood battle with leukemia stunted his physical growth.  If I'd been paying attention in 2008 when Price was part of a Canadian gold medal effort, I'd have known his story, but I wasn't so I didn't, and yesterday I ended up publicly mocking someone who not only faced more adversity by the age of 12 than most people face in a lifetime, but whose strength of spirit represents the Olympic ideal as much or more than any of the athletes we so gushingly celebrate. 
Brian Price's power of example makes him someone to be respected rather than ridiculed.  Consider the lesson learned.   

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  1. /chapeau sir. You can measure a man's character by the sincerity of his ability to apologise.