Monday, August 6, 2012

Phelps, Flav and other Monday morning musings

Every four years without fail, the Olympics boil down to 10 seconds - or 9.63 seconds, which was Usain Bolt's winning time yesterday in the signature event of the Summer Games. The men's 100 meters is the one event that's appointment television for the entire world, notwithstanding millions of Americans being willingly duped by network television coverage that's tape-delayed for the sake of ratings and advertising revenue. In the social media age, you'd have to be pretty deep in the Kentucky backwoods, Dakota hills or Louisiana bayou to not know Bolt had won the race by the time NBC got around to airing it last night...Good for Andy Murray that he won Olympic gold by avenging his Wimbledon final loss to Roger Federer, but don't even try equating the two championships. Olympic tennis is still a glorified exhibition compared to the Grand Slam tournaments, and Wimbledon is by far the most esteemed of the four professional majors. That Murray himself said beating Federer yesterday "sort of" made up for Wimbledon tells you everything you need to know about which event carries more prestige...At the risk of diminishing Rosie MacLennan's gold medal performance in trampoline, I'm hoping Team Canada can pad MacLennan's medal with gold in a more traditional Olympic sport, like speed walking, rhythmic gymnastics or chariot racing...Among the landslide of quality online wisecracks spawned by the first full-blown twitter Olympics, I have two favorites: MacLean's magazine columnist Scott Feschuk's fervent wish that a thousand hornets build a nest in Bob Costas's colon, and Sports Illustrated contributor Steve Rushin's observation that 22 - 18 of them gold - accurately describes not only Michael Phelps' medals but also Flavor Flav's teeth.

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