Monday, September 24, 2012

Even simulated Phil Simms agrees - David Carr blows(and other Monday morning musings)

Everything Jim Devellano said publicly about the hockey lockout and was fined by the NHL for saying is true. The irony is that the Detroit Red Wings vice-president's brutal honesty probably won some undecided fans over to the league's side. Devallano's "owners as ranchers, players as cattle" analogy is a bit harsh, but as he hastened to add, these are well-treated prize cattle who live a charmed, first class existence off the owners' largesse. They're biting the hand that feeds them in the name of principle, and it's a battle they can't and won't win...Is there no end to the Alouettes' offensive depth? After spending most of the season sharing space on the bench, Victor Anderson and Trent Guy scored two touchdowns apiece in yesterday's win over the visiting Argos in what might have been the Als' most complete performance this season. It's almost as if they thrive on adversity...A week after being publicly chastised by Giants coach Tom Coughlin for a perceived late-game cheap shot on New York quarterback Eli Manning, Tampa Bay head coach Greg "That's How We Did It At Rutgers" Schiano was true to his word yesterday, not only ordering his defence to bull rush Tony Romo when the Dallas QB took a knee in the dying seconds of the Cowboys win over the Bucs, but calling two timeouts so they could go after Romo again. I give it 18 months at the outside before Schiano is back at Rutgers, if not coaching his kids' Pop Warner League team...The Giants were off yesterday but they played San Diego last night on my son's Madden NFL 13 game. In order to test my theory that they could still compete without Eli Manning, I specifically requested that Sam start David Carr at quarterback for the Giants, and the results were not encouraging. Carr completed 3 of 22 passes for 12 yards, one interception and a 20.6 quarterback rating in a 9-0 loss to the Chargers, and was so predictably bad that simulated Phil Simms was pre-programmed to make disparaging comments about him. Clearly, I was the last one to know.

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