Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Put Henderson in the Hall - NOW

Two days shy of its 40th anniversary, the author of a seminal moment in Canadian history is still denied his rightful place in one of the country's most revered institutions. There's added urgency in the campaign to have Paul Henderson inducted into Hockey Hall of Fame because he's fighting a losing battle against leukemia. Not that terminal illness is a qualification, but considering that the honor is long overdue, it would be nice to get around to it while Henderson is still alive. And spare me the shopworn argument that Henderson didn't have a Hall of Fame career. That ship already sailed with the induction of Clark Gillies, Joe Mullen, Joe Nieuwendyk, Dick Duff, Bob Pulford, Larry Murphy and Bernie Federko to name but a handful of second-tier players who've been embraced by the Hall of Fame. Russian goaltender Vladislav Tretiak was inducted in 1989, and his biggest claim to fame was giving up the winning goal to Henderson in each of the last three games of the Summit Series. And don't even get me started on Angela James and Cammi Granato, whose induction must have given every legitimate Hall of Fame candidate a severe case of vagina envy. Paul Henderson capped a more than respectable hockey career with a history-changing performance that made him a Canadian icon. Whether by comparison or on his own merits, he's worthy of the Hockey Hall of Fame, and under the circumstances, denying Henderson is as petty as it is lame.

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  1. Henderson had a mediocre career with 3 weeks of heroism. Full stop! Dicky Duff had a far superior career but should have retired earlier.