Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Axe me no questions, I'll tell you no lies (and other Monday morning musings on a Tuesday)

The Alouettes looked like anything but a Marc Trestman-coached team yesterday at Molson Stadium. Between the turnovers on offence and the blown coverage assignments on pass defence, the breakdown in fundamentals in a loss to the league-worst Winnipeg Blue Bombers gave the Als a lot to worry about and work on just a month and change ahead of the playoffs...Lest anyone labor under the delusion that the New York Jets covered themselves in glory by keeping it close against unbeaten Texas last night, the last time I checked, close still only counted in horseshoes and hand grenades, and 14 for 31 with one touchdown and two interceptions were not even respectable quarterbacking numbers, let alone elite. The case for starting Tim Tebow over Mark Sanchez gets stronger every week...Kansas City tackle Eric Winston's rip job on Chiefs fans should be required reading for the thousands of dunderheads who cheered Sunday when quarterback Matt Cassel left the game with a concussion. The price of a ticket does not include the right to celebrate serious personal injury, unless you're completely morally bankrupt, in which case you'd be better off in a mental institution...Never mind that visiting teams have won as often as not in the baseball playoffs. The 2-3 division series format is a joke by any measure. Not only does it force the team with the better record to open on the road, the format robs that team of millions of dollars in revenue in the event of a sweep by either team - hardly a reward for a superior regular season record...Before you join the Atlanta Braves pity party, ruminate on this: the blown infield fly rule call in the National League wild card game didn't cost the Braves the game. It cost them a chance to rally from a three run deficit of their own making through three errors leading to four unearned St. Louis runs. That doesn't excuse the call, but it gives it perspective that was sorely lacking in the game's immediate aftermath...Nice to see Ryan Smyth playing right field for the Oakland A's during the hockey lockout...I'm going to start saying "exspecially", "exscape" and "all's I know" in hopes of landing a job on an NFL Sunday panel show. I just hope nobody axes me to spel.

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