Monday, October 15, 2012

Video review, pink overkill and other Monday morning musings

A worst case scenario for the New York Yankees is the best case scenario for proponents of video replay review in baseball. We're not talking about two blown calls against the Kansas City Royals in back-to-back games in late May. The umpiring gaffes at Yankee Stadium Saturday and yesterday were at the expense of baseball's most storied franchise in crucial situations during the American League Championship Series. After being publicly embarrassed on that grand a stage, if Major League Baseball doesn't decide to get into the 90s and more fully incorporate technology to settle disputed calls in time for the 2013 season, it'll NEVER happen...The faithful say that the Lord works in mysterious ways, and that apparently goes for the baseball gods as well. The loss of Derek Jeter, the undisputed heart and soul of the Yankees, creates an unprecedented opportunity for Alex Rodriguez to rewrite his tarnished legacy at a late stage in his career. Jeter's season-ending ankle injury leaves a leadership void that Rodriguez is more qualified than any of his teammates to fill, whether vocally or by example. Stepping into that breech and leading the Yankees to the World Series in Jeter's absence would go a long way towards rehabilitating A-Rod's image as a self-serving choke artist. So far, no good...By the way, when does Raul Ibanez become part of the "greatest Yankee of all time" discussion?...Still can't quite wrap my head around the Washington Nationals' epic collapse in Game 5 of the NLDS with St. Louis, although I took no satisfaction in it as karmic payback for the demise of the Expos. There's nothing credible or constructive in that kind of mentality - unless it's directed at the Miami Marlins, whose majority owner and team president are genuinely deserving of ill wishes for their part in the demise of the Expos...The Alouettes won't get any style points for yesterday's win in Toronto, but they're sitting pretty atop the CFL East with a four point lead over the second place Argos and just three games to go. It's been a long season fraught with injuries and inconsistent performances, but the Als are still only one win away from being one win away from the Grey Cup game...I'm all for finding a cure, but the breast cancer awareness campaign in pro football on both sides of the border has become invasive, to the point where it smacks of corporate marketing and public relations more than it reflects a sincere grass roots movement to save lives. Maybe some of the money used to pay for all that pink equipment, apparel and other window dressing would be better spent on actual cancer research...Speaking of charity, awfully decent of Don Cherry to donate his hand-me-downs to Greg Zahn.

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