Monday, December 3, 2012

Chiefs' win changes nothing(and other Monday morning musings)

There needs to be an audible on the hyperbole in the aftermath of the murder-suicide committed by Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Javon Belcher. The Chiefs' win over Carolina yesterday was neither inspired nor uplifting. It was a dauntless performance under devastating circumstances, but there's nothing inspirational about orphaning your infant daughter by brutally murdering her mother before taking your own life. It's a cowardly, despicable act, and winning a football game does nothing to diminish the tragedy...If nothing else, the latest wrinkle in the NHL lockout talks - an expanded players/owners meeting - suggests the two sides are committed to exploring alternative avenues to break the impasse. At this point, there appear to be three possibilities for a successful conclusion: 1. mutual compromise, which is the least likely scenario, 2. the players accept that even under the unsatisfactory terms they're being offered, they'll still enjoy financial security well beyond what most of the rest of us can even begin to comprehend, or 3. the owners recognize that they've already won and stop piling on...NBA Commissioner David Stern took the first step down a slippery slope when he fined the San Antonio Spurs 250 thousand dollars for not dressing four starters in a game against Miami - the Spurs' fourth game in five nights on a six game, nine day road trip. Maybe Stern should get his scheduling act together before second-guessing a championship coach who's trying to do what's best for his team while simultaneously making a legitimate point about an unreasonable workload...So this is what it's come to: on a December day when Canadian sports television should have been awash in highlights from a full Saturday night slate in the National Hockey League, the featured Sunday morning fare yesterday included the Premier League soccer rundown, NCAA basketball scores and the Top 10 Amazing Curling Moments. I'll grant you that there's at least marginal interest among Canadians in English soccer and American college b-ball, but there's no way there have been 10 amazing moments in the history of curling.

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