Thursday, December 6, 2012

Costas is bang-on

Whether or not you agree with his take, Bob Costas was the right person in the right place at the right time to talk about gun control when he tackled the issue head-on during NBC's Sunday night football telecast.
There's been criticism from the usual trigger-happy suspects that Costas was outside his areas of jurisdiction and expertise, but if there's one thing America loves more than guns, it's football, so what better place and time for addressing a murder-suicide committed by a gun-toting NFL player than a prime time football broadcast on network television the day after the crime? And spare me the claptrap about Costas being a one-dimensional jock sniffer who's not qualified to comment on broader social issues. He's an intelligent, articulate, measured voice of reason in any debate within or outside the sporting arena, and he's got the resume to prove it. Even if Costas wasn't one of the most informed, well-rounded broadcasters on television, his detractors conveniently overlook that along with their cherished right to bear arms, the US constitution guarantees free speech and freedom of the press. By acknowleding a divisive issue at a sensitive time, Bob Costas wasn't only within his rights, he was relevant, appropriate and professionally responsible.

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