Thursday, January 24, 2013

P.K. wasting his own time

Not only is there is no "I" in team, neither is there a "P" nor a "K", which is why P.K. Subban is doing more damage to his own career than he is hurting the Canadiens by holding out.
The Subban contract impasse has reached the point where there's open speculation about a possible trade, but there's absolutely no pressure on general manager Marc Bergevin to consider anything other than an offer that he absolutely couldn't refuse. Even if another team tabled a qualifying offer to Subban as a restricted free agent, the Canadiens would have the option of matching the offer or accepting a king's ransom in draft choice compensation. They have all the leverage, and Bergevin is exercising sound business and hockey judgement by following standard negotiating procedure for a promising player coming out of an entry level contract.
With or without P.K., the Canadiens aren't going anywhere - in more ways than one. They're a marginal contender for a playoff spot whether or not Subban is in the lineup, and while his presence would considerably enhance their prospects for the post-season and the financial windfall it brings, they're not going to go out of business without him. The Canadiens are a century-old institution. As much as Subban is a modern day marketer's dream as the potential face of the franchise for the next decade or more, he can't outlast the franchise, either existentially or contractually. Subban might be larger than life, but no one is bigger than the team, especially THIS team - not even P.K.

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  1. Patrick Roy wasnt bigger
    Guy Lafleur wasnt bigger

    I want to buy a mirror at the same store that PK buys his.