Monday, February 4, 2013

Boo f***ing hoo(and other Monday morning musings)

It'll be a victory for excuse-making and poor sportsmanship if a single disputed play is allowed to define Super Bowl 47. Armchair referees armed with hindsight and the benefit of super slow motion replays from multiple angles have decreed that the 49ers were robbed by a non-call on a hold on Michael Crabtree on 4th and goal and the game on the line. The truth is it was a bang-bang play, the interference call - had it been made - could have gone either way, and Crabtree would've had to morph into Elastic Man to catch it inbounds. No less an authority than former NFL head coach and defensive back Herm Edwards says you're not going to get that call in the Super Bowl, and that San Francisco's red zone play-calling was more to blame than the officiating was for the 49ers demise. The Ravens didn't win the game on a debatable non-call. They won it by dominanting the first half, returning a kickoff for a touchdown to open the second half and responding with a scoring drive each time the 49ers got within striking distance. Baltimore was the better team, by a margin more substantial than the final score indicates...In his first two games of the season with no training camp, PK Subban looked like PK Subban in his first two games with no training camp, which is to say his timing was a little off but he was still a difference maker every time he touched the puck. Regardless of how he's perceived in the room, the Canadiens are a better team with Subban than they are without him, and winning has a way of trivializing in-house bickering...The Canadiens need to take the three stars vote back from the fans if they want the process to have any credibility. When all three stars in a 2-1 game are from the same team, it's clearly nothing but a popularity contest and only a matter of time before Youppi gets to take a post-game spin around center ice...Allow me to be the umpteenth sportscaster to say Phil Mickelson "cleaned up" at the unfortunately-named Waste Management Phoenix Open, which isn't the catchiest or most distinguished name for a PGA tournament, but still has a better ring to it than the Magnitigorsk Slagheap Invitational and the Bangalore Open Air Sewer Pro-Am.

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