Monday, February 11, 2013

PK's color the elephant in the room(and other Monday morning musings)

If there was something - ANYTHING - overtly mean-spirited in P.K. Subban's makeup, it might stand to reason that he was named Sports Illustrated's "Most Hated Player in the NHL," but there isn't, so it doesn't. Subban is neither arrogant nor spiteful. At worst, he's cocksure, and he's got the talent to justify his confidence. His larger-than-life personality is perceived as bespeaking a lack of humility that rubs the ultra-conservative hockey establishment the wrong way. None of that is enough make him the most hated player in hockey, which by process of elimination leaves a lingering white society bias that says Subban should "know his place"...Short attention span syndrome will probably prevent it from getting the exposure it deserves, but the famiy of the late Joe Paterno has commissioned an investigation challenging the Freeh report that was used to discredit the former Penn State football coach and destroy his legacy. Among other credible experts recruited by the Paternos, former US Attorney General Dick Thornburgh calls the Freeh report flawed and incomplete. That's powerful testimony from a prominent figure, and provides a measure of the balance and perspective that was almost non-existent at the height of the Paterno witch hunt...There's still no confirmation that Ray Lewis will join ESPN as a football analyst next season, although Lewis says he'd like to take a stab at it...It'll be a busy Monday for Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mikhail Grabovski, who's got an 11am NHL disciplinary hearing for biting Max Pacioretty, followed by de-worming and a flea bath.

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  1. about time somebody had the cojones to call it for what it is.....