Monday, March 11, 2013

I are a broadcaster(and other Monday morning musings)

Brian Gionta also appears to wonder why Cassie Campbell is on Hockey Night in Canada.

When was the last time you were emotionally invested in a baseball game in March? Yesterday's World Baseball Classic elimination showdown between Canada and the US wasn't Yankees-Red Sox-in-October intense, but it went a long way towards legitimizing a tournament that's still searching for an identity among all but the most hardcore baseball fans. Not all of the best players in the world show up, but the ones who commit to the tournament treat it like it matters...The run differential tiebreaker at the root of Saturday's Canada-Mexico brawl might be the WBC's most misguided rule, but it's not the dumbest. That distinction goes to the mercy rule, which has its place in Little League and one-sided boxing matches, but smacks of ill-considered paternalism in a baseball contest involving grown men and accomplished professionals...After going virtually injury-free in their first half run to the top of the Eastern Conference, the Canadiens' depth is being suddenly and seriously tested. Rene Bourque and Rafael Diaz were key contributors before being sidelined indefinitely with concussions, and Brandon Prust's shoulder injury will cost the Habs their consensus mid-season MVP for 10 to 14 days. The loss of Prust could also initiate or accelerate the process of acquiring another player in the Prust mold who can play a regular shift and isn't afraid fight above his weight class. Or maybe Travis Moen and Colby Armstrong can step it up a notch or three...Canadiens rookie defenceman Greg Pateryn must have wondered if he was back in the minor leagues Saturday when noted broadcast giant Cassie Campbell opened their intermission interview by saying "I'm here with rookie the first time game Greg Pateryn." We'll be right messages after this back.

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