Monday, April 1, 2013

Kaberele for Komisarek - it's win-lose!

Were I the type to engage in April 1st falsehoods, I would perpetrate a Tomas Kaberle for Mike Komisarek pre-trade deadline exchange of liabilities between the Canadiens and the Leafs. Such delicious irony: two failed and expensive experiments returning to their original teams. On further examination, though, the idea is only half-crazy. As salary cap hits, the two are a virtual wash. In real dollars, Kaberle is due a million dollars more than Komisarek is owed in the final years of their respective contracts, but the bigger problem is that Kaberele wouldn't be any more useful to the Leafs than he was to the Canadiens. It's too bad, because Komisarek could give Montreal some much-needed depth and physical presence on the back end. He bombed as a top four blueliner in Toronto, but Komisarek is 31, healthy and a consummate professional, and his contract is the only obstacle to an opportunity to reinvent himself as a useful fifth or sixth defenceman...Never let it be said that Sidney Crosby isn't tough. Crosby took a slapshot square in the face Saturday and reacted to a broken jaw and shattered teeth with less drama than most of us display when we stub our toe. If anything, he looked marginally annoyed...Amazingly, Crosby's busted kisser was only the second most horrific injury in sports over the weekend. The broken leg suffered yesterday by Louisville university basketball player Kevin Ware was so grotesque that it prompted teammates to vomit on the bench and reduced grown-ups watching or working courtside to tears...I'm not going to lie to you. I don't know and don't really care about NCAA basketball, which is why I didn't bother making a bracket before the tournament began. Granted, I might not have done any worse than a lot of the so-called experts this year, but there's still no credibility in picking Gonzaga over Saint Louis because I'd rather be a Bulldog than a Billiken. For now and the foreseeable future, my idea of March Madness is going off my meds between St. Patrick's Day and Easter...Gordie Howe turned 85 yesterday and celebrated by elbowing the Easter Bunny in the face.


  1. I have liked listening to you since you moved to 690, but lately I don't understand where you get your info... 2 things bother me. he 1st is how you are praising Subban as the Norris Trophy Candidate. The award goes to all around best defenseman.... Subban is a liability on defense. Please note game against Boston. Less than one minute left, Boston has power play and also pulls goalie... why isn't Subban on ice for the Canadiens? And he wasn't on the ice before the time out was called.... Simply, he is a defensive liability on the team.... 2) you said in your droppings... how Carey Price is not playing well at all... look at youtube highlights of the last 6 games and explain to me, how it's all his fault????? How he's unsure of himself???? if you want, I'll walk you through it and show you how his teammates have not only thrown him under the bus, they've backed up and run him over again..... you can reach me at

  2. I never said it was all Price's fault, just that he's played poorly(and he has), and I can't take you seriously if you think Subban is a liabilty is his own zone.