Monday, May 6, 2013

Wise guy walrus, wacky wardrobes and other Monday morning musings

There's a case to be made either way over whether Ottawa coach Paul MacLean took the low road by calling a time out with 17 seconds left in a 6-1 game, but this much is certain: the timeout was a convenient post-game distraction for the Canadiens and provided collective motivation for a team that showed signs of coming apart at the seams physically and spiritually. Being down 2-1 in the series is obviously motivation enough, but the perception that MacLean was rubbing the Canadiens noses in their own filth gives Montreal coach Michel Therrien an emotional rallying point where none might otherwise have existed...Meanwhile, it occurs to me that the media sniping between coaches over MacLean referring to Raphael Diaz by number rather than name would be a non-issue in NASCAR, where competitors are routinely referred to by their car numbers. If only it were as easy as rolling the 81 and the 74 into the garage and fixing them up good as new for the next race...The handwringing over violent hits in the NHL is well-intentioned, but let's not forget that blunt trauma is an occupational hazard readily accepted by lucratively-compensated employees of a multi-billion dollar industry that markets physical aggression as a virtue. Like it or not, any potential rule change on bodychecking is a business consideration as much as it is a safety issue...April is no time to panic in a six month baseball season, but now that it's May, I strongly urge all Blue Jays fans to embrace rampant hysteria...You can debate the Kentucky Derby's claim to being the most exciting two minutes in sports, but its devotees' wardrobe choices leave no question of it being the largest annual gathering of well-heeled circus clowns, carnival freaks and court jesters.

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  1. While the Walrus was licking off his yesterday's soup from his stashes but at the same time controlling the situation, Therrien was producing nothing but a multiple duck-face. I am tired of that zoo- fest and wait for an opening of a hunting season. No later then tomorrow.