Monday, June 17, 2013

Mickelson, muttonchops and other Monday morning musings

If I could have picked my own Father's Day gift, it would have been a barf bag for dealing with the television commentary at the US Open. Zero gravity astronaut training couldn't possibly be any more vomit-inducing than listening to overwrought golf announcers lament "another crushing second place finish" for Phil Mickelson and heap sappy praise on Mickelson for being "gracious in heartbreak and defeat". I can appreciate that Mickelson was disappointed, but treating privileged sportsmen like characters in a Greek tragedy doesn't resonate much beyond the country club gates...Let the festival of second-guessing begin after P.K. Subban won the Norris Trophy in the first season of a two year bridge contract. The I-told-you-so crowd is reveling in the smug assumption that Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin now regrets not signing Subban to a long term deal when he could have had him on the relative cheap, but Bergevin's reckoning made sense at the time and it's still the right call. Subban will only be a restricted free agent when his existing contract expires, giving the Canadiens the option of matching other offers or being compensated handsomely with high round draft picks. It also remains to be seen how the free-spirited Subban manages the enhanced accolades, distractions and expectations that come with a Norris Trophy this early in his professional and personal development. Time is still on Bergevin's side, and using it to his advantage is smart business...To my eye, 41 year old Jaromir Jagr was the best player on the ice in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup final, and if not the best player, certainly the best player who looks like a Civil War general, as first noted by TSN 690's Conor McKenna...So, Lindsey Vonn resents being pigeonholed as Tiger Woods' girlfriend because she's got a life and career of her own. Since when does someone who publicly hitches their wagon to a confessed serial adulterer care what anybody else thinks?

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