Tuesday, June 11, 2013

On soccer and turbans: stand by for the humiliation card

The Canadian Soccer Association's decision to suspend Quebec for rebuffing a directive to lift a ban on turbans in youth soccer is an overdue shot across the bow of intolerance and xenophobia, and you don't need a degree in political science to recognize where it's going to go from here.
This is perfect fodder for the very people it's meant to expose. Hardcore nationalists, including the PQ government, will spin it as an attack on Quebec's identity at a time when the government is trying to push through discriminatory legislation under the guise of something called "reasonable accomodation." That Conservative immigration minister Jason Kenny and Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau have both praised the CSA for taking a hardline will feed the nationalist fallacy of Quebec-bashing and humiliation, but every fair-minded Quebecer knows that dog don't hunt no more, and when the pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth subsides, the difference between right and wrong over excluding children for no good reason other than that they're different will remain abundantly obvious.
In the meantime, how delightfully and deliciously ironic that the Quebec Soccer Federation has been told if it doesn't want to conform, it can go play in its own backyard.

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