Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nice poocutter, Grampa

Seventy-seven year old Gary Player is naked in the new issue of ESPN The Magazine, and I blame the internet.
A generation ago, Playboy tried and largely failed to pass itself off as art. Nudity and pornography were widely considered to be one and the same, but that perception has changed dramatically with the proliferation of hardcore porn on the world wide web. When virtually every sexual proclivity, no matter how bizarre, is instantly accessible to anyone with a credit card and a password, a picture of a naked woman or man with their arms or legs strategically crossed becomes a lot less objectionable but no less provocative. ESPN, to its credit, has recognized that change in the social landscape and exploited it with an annual magazine issue called the Body, featuring photo layouts of well-known athletes in various stages of undress. It's actually not a whole lot different from what Playboy used to be for several decades, but in the modern day context, it's much easier to pass off as artistic and tasteful.
Except for Gary Player. Good for him that he's in great shape at 77, but have some dignity, Grandad, and put your pants on.

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