Monday, September 9, 2013

Marsh belongs (and other Monday musings)

There are bound to be growing pains for Tanner Marsh, and the Alouettes rookie quarterback learned some hard lessons in yesterday's loss to Toronto at Molson Stadium.  Three interceptions - including a pick-six - were instrumental in the outcome, but there was more to it than Marsh's mistakes, and he's the one who engineered a last minute drive that almost produced the tying touchdown.  Experience is a great teacher but emotional resiliency and the will to win can't be taught, and those are assets that Marsh has in spades...Historically, the difference between Eli Manning and Tony Romo has been Manning's ability to find ways to win and Romo's uncanny knack for stumbling onto ever more creative ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.   Those traditional roles were reversed last night in Dallas, where Manning was responsible for half the Giants six turnovers but still had his team in a position to rally before his third interception of the night was returned for a fourth quarter touchdown.  In that sense, Manning had the same sort of day as Tanner Marsh, but for the 10 year veteran to cough up it in the clutch is inexcusable...I thought San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh was blowing smoke last week when he accused Green Bay's Clay Matthews of intimidation and targeting, but Matthews' out of bounds hit on 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was as cheap as it gets and unworthy of a player of Matthews' stature...If there was any doubt the NFL hasn't gone pass happy, consider this: there were only two hundred yard rushers in the first 13 games of Week 1, and one of them is a quarterback...So, former Vikings receiver turned Fox football commentator Randy Moss thinks it's disrespectful that Minnesota rookie Cordarelle Patterson is wearing Moss's old jersey number because Patterson hasn't accomplished anything in the NFL - kind of like the way seasoned, professional broadcasters might resent a high-paying network job going to an unproven former football player.

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  1. Mr. Bird- Just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about your ouster at TSN690. You were a great listen in the mornings and while I didn't always agree with your viewpoints, I respected them nevertheless simply by the way you presented them. Will also miss the dry humor that you brought to the show. I hope you get back on your feet sooner than later, you deserve better than this.

    Good luck with your future endeavors.


    C. Lanton (swandad)