Sunday, October 20, 2013

Price books early and often for Sochi

Even without knowing the subtleties of goaltending technique, it's abundantly clear that Carey Price is playing with much greater efficiency early this season than he did for most of last year.  To my eye, one difference is that if he's not actually going into butterfly mode less often, he's at least spending less time on his knees before popping back up into a more tenable position.  What's certain is that his body language bespeaks the confidence of someone who's finally found his comfort zone.  And while it's far too soon to start talking about a Vezina Trophy, it's not premature to tout Price as the early favorite to start for Team Canada at the Sochi Olympics.

People who think Don Cherry is a buffoon have every right to that opinion, even if it is out of step with the greatest player in hockey history.  Bobby Orr's new autobiography devotes an entire chapter to Cherry, whom the legendary defenceman says belongs in the Hockey Hall of Fame.  That's not an empty platitude from a Don Cherry crony.  It's a ringing endorsement from a universally respected icon whose hockey credentials dwarf the combined credibility of all of Cherry's media critics.

Outside of doctors and immediate family members, it's no one's place to tell Anthony Calvillo whether to give up football, but neither is there a good reason for anyone to urge Calvillo to return to the Alouettes next season.  He's a proud man, but having overcome more personal adversity in the past several years than most people face in a lifetime, Calvillo is also humble enough to recognize and accept circumstances beyond his control.  If this is the end, it might not be the end Calvillo was hoping for, but it doesn't make him any less of a champion.

Apropos of nothing in particular and because the commercial keeps playing during the sports highlight shows, if you ever see me wearing a pair of Zoomies, wrap me in my Snuggie and transport me to the nearest in-patient psychiatric facility, posthaste.


  1. In regards to AC, I think it stems more from the appreciation of the fans for his devotion and accomplishments as an Alouettes that, at least myself, would like to see him say this is it. I would love for him to return as much as the next guy, but I would love it even more for him to be able to enjoy life with his family. He's done it all in this league, and accomplished so much in pro football that there's nothing left to do. His health should now be the priority, as much as he loves this city and this city loves him.

  2. So the argument is that Cherry should be in the HOF because Orr says so.... is that your argument? And if not, what was the point of writing that? To educate people about a non-story? This is just mindless filler.

  3. I put significantly more stock in Bobby Orr's opinion than I do in your's, Rudy - whoever YOU are.