Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The NFL's annual acid trip

   It's Super Bowl Media Day - an annual spectacle in which hundreds of media normally unaffiliated with the NFL check their dignity at the stadium press entrance and turn what was originally designed as a day of serious sports journalism into a Fellini-esque festival of good-natured self-degradation.  The legitimate sports media still go about their business, but are inevitably upstaged by or even end up reporting on industry interlopers whose outrageousness eclipses anything actually football-related.
   The most infamous Media Day stunt dates back to 2008, when a Mexican TV reporter showed up in a wedding dress and asked New England quarterback Tom  Brady to marry her.  Other stunts have included a kid from Nickelodeon conducting interviews in full super hero regalia, a reporter in a
clown costume playing rock/paper/scissors with members of the Baltimore Ravens and a blogger covering Media Day while surreptitiously high on LSD, which probably made the entire affair seem quite normal to him.  For the most part, players and coaches tolerate the lunacy, and some even embrace it - either on their own initiative or by indulging the dozens of bizarre questions and requests thrown their way by shameless self-promoters looking for their 15 minutes of fame.
   For football and media purists, Super Bowl Media Day is anathema, but as long as it's good for a few laughs and no one gets hurt, you might as well roll with it, because it's well-entrenched as part of the week's festivities.
   Stiil, it tests the limits of credulity to imagine Vince Lombardi reacting favourably when asked to recite the Green Bay playbook in Pig Latin by a guy dressed as a taco.  

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